Coin relics in medieval and modern Europe

Drawing from a wide range of historical sources, from hagiography to numismatics, this book will appeal to students and academics researching Late Antique, Medieval, and Early Modern History, Theology, as well as all those interested in the function of relics throughout Christendom. The Thirty Pieces of Silver is a study that invites meditation on the highly symbolic and powerful role of money through coins, which were the price, value, and measure of Christ and which, despite being the most abject objects, managed to become relics.

Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon – New York, 2022 (Religion and Money in the Middle Ages)

Original Italian edition: Lucia Travaini, I Trenta denari di Giuda. Storia di reliquie impreviste nell’Europa medievale e moderna, Viella: Rome, 2020. Translated by Andrew D.R. Colvin.

December 2021: 360pp
76 illustrations
Hb: 978-0-367-68802-8 | $160.00 | £120.00
eBook: 978-1-003-13911-9

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